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Fly Fishing

Traditional Fly Fishing Since 1986
For Fishing Enquiries telephone 01932 248547 or mobile 07918 136759
Halliford Mere is a complex of four spring-fed lakes totalling some 15 acres of water. The fly fishing trout lakes are highly stocked with top quality Rainbows from 2-10lbs, together with approximately 10% of the stock being Browns and Blues. The lakes are well established, supporting prolific natural aquatic life. The result is that the fishing ranges from challenging (requiring the anglers to think and choose their methods) to extremely productive, with most success being achieved by considering the weather conditions, and using appropriate imitative patterns and light leaders. (We recommend 4lb leaders but, of course, you may use whatever you wish. However, with nearly 40 years experience at Halliford Mere, we have noted that the heavier leader an angler uses, the less takes the angler gets.)

Although we stock very frequently throughout the year (every 2 weeks or so, weather permitting), the vast majority of our fish have been with us for a great deal longer. This means they have lost the farm fat, packed on muscle with abundant natural feeding, have become pretty wild & wily and fight like hell! This is certainly not "stockie bashing". With an angler average of 4/6 fish to the rod (all being equal), plus the fun of lost fish and missed takes, if this sounds like your "cup of tea" please come and see us.

Our lakeside lodge with its  bar, restaurant, comfortable lounges, log fires and waterside verandas is available to patrons of Halliford Mere Lakes, for a welcome rest from the day's sport.

Although we are primarily a catch and release fishery, fish may be taken at a cost of £5.00 per pound (Rainbows only), with a maximum of 2. Please remember to use barbless or de-barbed hooks only, respect your quarry and handle them with care. Try to unhook fish in the water, but if this is not possible, briefly use a knotless net, unhook them quickly (with wet hands) and return them immediately. Never delay their return by taking photos, etc.

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Restaurant Opening Times
  • Bank Holiday:Closed
  • Monday:Closed
  • Tuesday:Closed
  • Wednesday:Closed
  • Thursday:Closed
  • Friday:
    Lunch12:00 - Close by 17:00
  • Saturday:
    Lunch12:00 - Close by 17:00
  • Sunday:
    Lunch12:00 - Close by 17:00
Food Orders Taken
Friday, Saturday, Sunday Lunch : 12pm - 2:30pm
For functions & funeral receptions outside our opening hours, please contact us.
Fishing Times/Tickets
Day Ticket Opening Times
See also: Season Tickets
Open every day except Christmas Day and New Year's Day.
  • Bank Holidays:Closed*
  • Monday:Closed for Day Ticket Fishing
  • Tuesday:Closed for Day Ticket Fishing
  • Wednesday:Closed for Day Ticket Fishing
  • Thursday:Closed for Day Ticket Fishing
  • Friday:10:00am to close by 5:00pm*
  • Saturday:10:00am to close by 5:00pm*
  • Sunday:10:00am to close by 5:00pm*
* Gates are locked outside of these times
Day Ticket Prices
  • Full Day:£25.00
Day ticket allows for up to 5 fish to be caught in any one place. Once this limit has been reached, anglers must move at least 2 swims to continue fishing.

Anglers are asked to report their catch to the lodge before leaving.